Verification Process


At Apex Pharmacy Solutions LLC, we take the placement of top quality medical professionals very seriously. Therefore our application and verification process is very thorough. Our prospective employees originate from word of mouth, advertising, newspaper ad placement, or internet ad placement.


All Apex Pharmacy Solutions LLC employees must meet the audit criteria that are demanded by our clients. This verification process includes:

FBI Fingerprint and Background check 

SSN Trace 

National Background Check (FCRA Compliant)

OIG Sanction Report

Urine Drug Screen

Pre-Employment Physical

Annual TB skin test (one step)

Annual TB skin test (two step)

Rubeola (Measles)/Rubella (German Measles)/Mumps


Hepatitis B or Declination

Current State or National Licensure-Certification-Registration

Current CPR/BLS

Skills Checklist/Self Assessment

Competency Exams

Performance Review

Acknowledgement of HIPPA